An investigation of Jordanian EFL teachers’ assessment practices

Nayel Sharah



             The study aimed at investigating Jordanian EFL teachers’ assessment practices relating to the test construction through self-reported frequencies of using the procedures of preparing, correcting, analyzing, interpreting an achievement test, and discussing its results with students. To achieve this, a 31-item questionnaire was used. The questionnaire was administered to 118 basic stage EFL teachers after establishing its validity and reliability.


              The results showed that EFL teachers claimed to always or usually  practice appropriate procedures of preparing the test, discussing the results with students and evaluating and assessing short-answer tests. However, they were found to sometimes practice appropriate  procedures for analyzing test results and evaluating and assessing open-ended questions.


                    In light of the findings, it is recommended that educational institutions should pay more attention to educating teachers to analyze and interpret test results, and evaluate and score open-answer questions.

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