The Denning Law Journal is a general, peer-refereed legal journal that publishes original articles that seek to promote the values cherished by Lord Denning.

Editors: Dr Sarah Sargent and James Slater

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The Denning Law Journal invites submission of case comments, articles and book reviews in line with its mission objectives. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Submissions can be made online at Informal queries can be made to the Chief Editor, Dr Sarah Sargent, at

Vol. 32 No. 1 (2020)

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The aim of the journal is to provide a forum for the widest discussion of issues arising in the common law world and the Commonwealth, and to embrace the wider global and international issues of contemporary concern.

Lord Denning recognised the importance of:

  • developing the common law
  • focusing on the development of law in Commonwealth jurisdictions
  • the need for judicial and community recognition of the urgency of reform and modernization of law
  • the need to preserve traditions of judicial independence, integrity, accountability  and creativity
  • reflecting upon the interplay of law and morality
  • the role to be played by the state in the defence of the individual in the modern state
  • international and comparative law
  • protection and promotion of  human and constitutional  rights
  • development of constitutional and administrative law

The Denning Law Journal strives to reflect these in its publication.

In addition to publishing articles, the journal and its website contain sections devoted to recent legislation and reports, to case analysis and book reviews.

Founded in 1985 and now published by the University of Buckingham Press The Denning Law Journal has an international editorial board.