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Hales, Steve
Han, Ki C, Suffolk Univeristy (United States)
Han, Ki C, School of Management Suffolk University
Han, Ki C, Suffolk University (United States)
Han, Ki C, Sawyer Business School Suffolk University 8 Ashburton Place Boston, MA 02108
Hannum, Robert, University of Denver (United States)
Hannum, Roger, Reiman School of Finance University of Denver
Harris, Andrew, University of Lincoln, School of Psychology
Harris, Andrew, University of Lincoln, School of Psychology, Lincoln
He, Miao
Hodgins, David C, University of Calgary, Department of Psychology (Canada)
Hoff, Philipp Heinrich (Germany)
Holmes, Kathryn, University of Newcastle (Australia)
Holmes, Scott, University of Newcastle (Australia)
Horowitz, Ira
Horowitz, Ira, University of Florida
Humphreys, Brad, University of Alberta Department of Economics
Humphreys, Brad
Hurley, William, The Royal Military College of Canada

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