K J Irfan, Shivakumar Shivanna, Uchil Sudhir, Punith Kempegowda


Echinococcosis is a parasitic disease endemic in many parts of the world. Liver is the most common affected organ followed by lungs. However, the infestation of the latter is usually secondary to another infected organ system. In the present report, we report a case of pulmonary echinococcosis in a middle age female. An extensive work-up showed no other foci of infestation, hence diagnosed a case of primary pulmonary echinococcosis. Patient underwent left posterolateral thoracotomy and excision of the cyst followed by a course of albandazole. In summary, Pulmonary Echinococcosis should be considered in patients presenting with chest symptoms, especially in endemic and hyperendemic regions


Pulmonary Echinococcosis; thoracotomy; albandazole

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