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Marc W. Etches
Jane Rigbye


In this special issue, critical consideration is given to existing knowledge and understanding regarding harm minimisation in gambling. While the reviews have been written with the British context in mind, we consider that most matters will have some relevance at an international level also. Papers in this issue also consider operational and regulatory matters through identifying priority areas for research and offering initial guidance on how existing research findings could be applied in operator-based approaches to harm minimisation. It should be noted that concurrent work is being done in Great Britain by both the regulator and industry in response to concerns about the impacts of gambling individually and in local communities. The regulator has recently reviewed social responsibility provisions found within its License Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP), and this has established where greater degrees of player protection or player monitoring need to be mandated. In classifying approaches according to their source of implementation and management, the papers in this special issue examine the evidence by considering a specific category of harm minimisation that has been referred to here as ‘operator-based’ harm minimisation. The four papers consider the issues in relation to facilitating awareness and control among consumers engaging in gambling; to restricting access to gambling products; and to ensuring that marketing functions operate in a transparent and responsible way.

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