The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on career choice in a secondary school wide survey

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Aditi Baskar
Laura Quigley
Kam Sangha


Introduction: This survey aims to investigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on career choices amongst high school students.
Methods: This is a school authorized electronic survey of students in years 10 - 13 in our boys and girls campuses of the independent schools of the King Edward VI Foundation, Birmingham. Comparison of proportion was statistically assessed using online Chi-square test with a significance level of p<0.05.
Results: 225 of 859 students (26%) responded. A healthcare career is definitely considered by 21% and possibly by 22%. Over the course of the pandemic, 30% of responders changed their career aspirations: 38% of those that are currently certain or considering a healthcare career compared to 24% of those considering a non-healthcare career.
Conclusions: Our survey highlights that the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced career choices amongst secondary school students and is most pronounced amongst those considering healthcare. 

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