A Shift in Systems (Co-)conceptualising Pedagogy in an Era of Continuous Complexity

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L. Barritt
M. Popovac
M. Woodward
S. Thompson


As a result of complex co-constructive entanglements of contemporary lived-ex-perience, this paper develops ideas from posthumanist and material perspectives on education, that recognise, unpack and analyse the particular dynamic, co-con-structive nature of the postdigital entanglements of technology with the epistemic and ontological development of students (Bozalek, Braidotti, Shefer and Zemby-las, 2018). Drawing from Haraway’s idea of symbiogenesis, (2016), this paper suggests that a critical facet of contemporary pedagogy requires an understanding of the key skill of poiesis, to render visible the entangled ontology of the contem-porary postdigital adolescent to better inform appropriate pedagogic developments.

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