The first edition of the Buckingham Journal of Education is focussed on curriculum. The authors range across its history, design, development, impact  and social implications. The peer reviewed articles traverse a wide range of dimensions and perspectives around the curriculum.Overall, the articles present an eclectic mix of thinkers and their thinking on education. The span of the articles is not intended to be totally coherent. However, they are thought-provoking and perhaps even controversial. They will certainly enliven the long overdue debate about the redesign of the UK curriculum, but they also have traction within the international education community. Perhaps it is a case of changing times, changing curriculum.This inaugural volume joins this debate about schooling and its function and intention. It has a significant focus on the challenges of creating a curriculum which is contemporary, relevant and future-proofed, and which contributes to areas such as equity, employability and well-being.

Published: 2020-06-23